In addition to our own games, we are offering production and post-production services.

What do these cover? Just imagine that you have a truly ingenious idea but you are not quite sure whether it will really work. It would be fine to know for sure before you spend a lot of money on the project. Imagine that you need to win over an investor who would like to see a functional demo version of your product at least in its prototype stage. It would be nice to have a demo but you haven’t got a team to put your ideas into practice.

We, on the other hand, have such a team, and it is fully at your disposal. Proceeding from your own ideas, we are ready to prepare for you a design document, create a graphic style, devise graphics and animation, and supply a playable prototype on our own engine. This is called preproduction.

Our experienced, strong and well-orchestrated team can produce for you a complete game, fully in keeping with your requirements, whether you ask for a datadisk to your blockbuster or a brand-new game. We are professionals, supplying products in required quality and on the dot.

Graphics: low-poly models, hi-poly models, complete scenes, lighting, 3d animation, 2d animation, motion capture, sketches, storyboards

Program: modern graphics, artificial intelligence, advanced physical simulation, database, multiplatform systems

Design: symbolic design, level design, scripts, programming scripts, tuning, documentation, analysis

Production: long-term planning, management of a large team, problem-free milestone attainment

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