Delve into this sequel to the highly successful shoot-out game Painkiller, subtitled Overdose. Belial, descendant of an angel and demon, had long been imprisoned by Lucifer, who wants to abuse his unique abilities, namely the capacity to travel between different dimensions. Lucifer’s endeavours to subjugate Belial´s willpower fail, and nobody should be surprised to see Belial succeed in escaping from Lucifer´s prison, after which genuine hell is let loose on Earth.

Painkiller Overdose offers exactly what you cannot find in other “shoot-´em-all“ games. Action-packed and fast-moving plot, variegated and constantly changing settings, plus an unusual arsenal of weapons and, naturally, also a great number of various enemies that seem to come directly out of a madman’s mind. We have retained everything you liked so much in the original Painkiller, adding many novelties. So do not hesitate. Somewhere down in hell there is somebody waiting for you to come and give him a kick in the pants.


Release date: 2007

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  October, 20