Alice Drake wanted to be just an ordinary psychologist, but clearly it was not to be. She has no idea where her unique ability comes from, but in fact she does not care. The important thing is she can enter other people´s minds and deal properly with those bastards occupying their minds. By shooting their heads off!

Find yourself how well goes depth psychoanalysis hand in hand with the brutal FPS. Become Dr. Alice Drake, push yourself into the heads of your patients and clean their minds of all monsters which feed on their fears. Beat them either by using Alice's special abilities like pyrokinesis or by using heavy weaponry of Dreamworld. Walk through the world full of cobwebs, or meet murderous toys. Go through the dark forest, or landscape covered with perpetual ice and discover all the other worlds, where Dreamkillers themselves reside. They are waiting for you. Send them a rocket or two and show them clearly who is the true master of your mind.


Release date: 2009

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  October, 20