The plot unfolds in the mid-1980s, somewhere behind the Iron Curtain, in the suffocating atmosphere of the former communist Soviet Union. Journalist Matt Carter becomes the proverbial grain of sand in the works of an international conspiracy striving for domination over the then USSR. He is precisely that kind of grain of sand that could either easily make the machine seize up or be crushed by it. Twelve hours after his arrival in Moscow, in search of information for a routine article, Matt Carter is arrested, imprisoned and beaten unconscious. Action begins!

Put yourself in the shoes of a newsman who has at his disposal only his common sense and several gadgets he has made out of ordinary things. Enter the dark corridors of communist compounds, find cover in the shadows, and use your ingenuity to take your enemy by surprise at the right moment. Make use of your incredible camera that can see through walls. Become as invisible as the night, as fast as the wind, and as silent as death.


Release date: 2005

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  October, 20