Mindware Studios was established back in 2002 for the sole purpose: to create original and entertaining games for all platforms. Already in 2005, the company released its very first game for the PC as well as the XBOX platform called Cold War, which was well received by critics and players alike. By the way, our own top-notch engine Meng was developed for this particular game. Two years later, we finished a sequel to the outstanding action game Painkiller subtitled Overdose. Loyal to our original intentions, we have since developed two very powerful and original concepts down to the prototype phase, projects for which we are still looking for publishers. At present, we are working on another of our own projects.


CEO - Karel Papík

Founder of the Mindware Studios with a rich background in game journalism (work in a multinational publishing house) and in computer games development (to date, he has built two successful game developing companies). He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, where he received his degree in management and marketing. He has been using his more than 13-year long expertise as the CEO in the Mindware Studios.


COO - Jindřich Rohlík

Jindřich Rohlík has been working in this branch for more than 14 years, having to his credit four successful titles created in his own company, plus a wealth of experience in computer games accumulated during his journalistic career and work for this country’s public broadcaster - Czech Television. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University where he received a degree in computer graphics.


Lead Programmer - Patrik Rak

Patrik Rak has been working as the chief programmer in the Mindware Studios for the seventh year now. He has been active in the software development sector for over 12 years. The company’s top-ranking Meng playing engine was designed under his leadership. Patrik Rak graduated with distinction from Prague’s Charles University, receiving his master's degree in computer science.


Lead Artist - Brano Jelínek

Brano Jelínek has been with the Mindware Studios for more than 5 years now, but his career in the branch spans over 7 years. Before joining the Mindware Studios, he worked for the Couldron company as their chief graphic designer. Brano Jelínek is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Slovakia´s capital Bratislava.


Lead Animator - Petr Samek

Petr Samek´s career in the branch of computer games has been more than 5 years long. He made his debut as a graphic designer participating in the development of several Czech computer games either in an internal or outsourcing capacity. Later he applied himself to character modeling and character animation. He has been working for the Mindware Studios for 3 years.

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